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Classical Orchestral:
Joey Opening Theme - Joey
Paaschendaele - Australians At War
AAW End Theme - Australians At War
This Is My Home - Africa’s Elephant Kingdom
Bringing Out The Survivors - Day Of The Roses

Contemporary Orchestral:
Feeding The Sheep - September
September Opening - September
What's in the Boot? - When Strangers Appear
I Said No! - Dead Letter Office
Descent Into Deep Swamp - ManThing
The Statues - Confessions Of A Headhunter
Winter - Equus
The Bones - Africa’s Elephant Kingdom
Breastbow Song
Incandelado - Dead Letter Office
The Forest - Peking To Paris
The Gobi - Peking To Paris
Black Escapes - Equus
Trussing Up - Peking To Paris
Rat's Theme - Airtight
Rising Storm - The Long Lunch
The Dark Monkey
Sherrif Meets La Roque - ManThing
The Conspirator
CHH Road Theme - Confessions Of A Headhunter
Swamp - Peking To Paris
Fortune Theme - Fortune
The Final Push - Australians At War
The Ferry - Peking To Paris
People Are Dying - ManThing
Fried Noodles - The Long Lunch
Finding Uncle - The Long Lunch
Jazz / Blues / Gospel